Hire Point Staffing Services

We provide contingent and direct hire services for our clients. Our workers will be there, when and where you want them, for as long as you require. We also provide payrolling services for clients who need to try out new candidates. At the end of the day, you are responsible for ONLY the flat hourly rate for the hours worked, billed in one convenient weekly invoice. Our dedication and expertise have allowed us to become one of the leading New York City employment agencies.

How We Can Help You

  •  Pay only a flat hourly rate for hours worked
  •  We cover all taxes, insurance, government forms and reporting
  •  Never worry about labor shortages or absenteeism
  •  We handle recruiting, onboarding and payroll
  •  We maintain ACA, I-9, and EEOC compliance at all times
  •  Customer satisfaction GUARANTEED

How You Can Save Time and Money

  •   NO recruiting/advertising/interviewing
  •   NO insurance or taxes (workers’ comp, social security, payroll, etc.)
  •   NO government forms or reporting
  •   NO employment contracts or fees
  •   NO administrative costs or paperwork

Service Guarantee

Hire Point Staffing Solutions GUARANTEES your satisfaction! If for any reason you do not receive the courteous, efficient labor you are entitled to from any Hire Point employee, simply call our office within the first two hours of their arrival. You will not be billed for that person’s time and a replacement will be promptly provided.

Hire Point Staffing Solutions is a leading employment agency in Bronx, Manhattan, and Queens, NY.

Looking for contingent labor or a general labor workforce?

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